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Absolute Aspects

Specialist In Model Signals - Real Signals Made In Miniature

We provide the largest range of high quality brass, white metal and 3D printed colour light signals in the UK. We also accept work to build bespoke signal projects like gantries and designs which aren't featured on our website.

We can Provide:


Absolute Aspects' new 'Modern Multi Aspect Signals' are designed to replicate modern day LED signalling with realistic colours. Available in 00 gauge from 1st Jan 2016, we are looking to bring out an 0 gauge range should we receive enough interest.

We will have two different types, the 3 Aspect and 4 Aspect. Both examples will have the red, yellow and green in the bottom aspect using a 2x2mm SMD LED with the 4 aspect version using the same type of LED in the top aspect to make sure the double yellows match each other.

The new 'Modern Multi Aspect Signals' are able to be ordered with our extensive range of Dot Matrix Route Indicators, Junction Indicators, Position Lights, ID Plates and Gantries to suit all layouts.

Prices start from just £50.

Real signals, made in miniature.

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