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Absolute Aspects

Specialist In Model Signals - Real Signals Made In Miniature

We provide the largest range of high quality colour light signals which are all handmade to order. They feature our famous brass and white metal designs to create 2, 3 & 4 aspect signals with junction indicators, route indicators and position lights. We accept projects to build bespoke signals including gantries to fit any layout and produce fine detail Ground Position Signals, Banner Repeaters and SPAD Indicators. Signals are available in N, 00 & 0 Gauges and are highly commended by model makers and magazines alike.

Shorter Lead Times and N Gauge Range Announcement!!! (1st Jan 2021)

Absolute Aspects is very pleased to announce that from 1st Jan. 2021 we have shortened our lead times from 3 months to 2 months with many orders being delivered well before this deadline. We will continue to work hard to reduce it even further, but are very happy to bring your hand crafted signals to you quicker than ever before.
Absolute Aspects is also very happy to announce that our hugely popular 'N Gauge Range', which has been absent for around 7 years, will be brought back in the next few months. Available to purchase will be 2, 3 or 4 aspect signals with the option of having a position light (call-on signal) as well as either a junction 1 or junction 4 indicator (left or right feather). These hand crafted signals will be made of our usual high quality brass, white metal and feature up to date electronics.
M. Turner
Owner / Model Maker / Train Driver

Current Lead Times:

Our current lead time is 2 months from date of purchase due to our huge popularity within the hobby. We will try to deliver orders as soon as possible and welcome customers to keep in touch with how their signals are progressing. If you wish to discuss the lead time before placing your order then please contact us at info@absoluteaspects.com

Real signals, made in miniature.

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