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Absolute Aspects

Specialist In Model Signals - Real Signals Made In Miniature

We provide the largest range of high quality colour light signals which are all hand made to order. They feature our famous brass and white metal designs to create 2, 3 & 4 aspect signals with junction indicators, route indicators and position lights. We accept projects to build bespoke signal including gantries to fit any layout and produce fine detail Ground Position Signals in all variations. Signals are available in both 00 & 0 Gauges and are highly commended by model makers and magazines.

New Product Announcement!

Absolute Aspects is very pleased to announce that from Saturday (25th November), we will be launching our new fully operational ‘Banner Repeater’ to complement our high end range of signals in 00 Gauge.
The Banner Repeater (BR) has never been produced as a working model in 00 Gauge before and it has taken us several months of development to get it absolutely perfect and ready for its debut at the National Model Railway Exhibition this coming weekend.
Suitable for layouts based in the 1980s onwards; the signal will be released with two variations, a ‘Post Mounted’ version (pictured) and an ‘Unmounted’ version (for use under station canopies or on gantries). The Post Mounted BR measures 59mm tall with the BR itself being just 10mm wide.
It features:
- The same high quality brass and white metal as all of our other signals
- Install without the need for soldering using a plug in link cable to an Absolute Aspects’ signal
- Works fully with other brands
- Reverts to ‘On’ indication automatically
- Brightness control
- Plug connector at base of signal for easy installation
The cost of the BR will be £50 for the unmounted and £60 for the post mounted version. There is also the added option of a personalised I.D. plate for £10.
We will have a small number available for sale at the NEC, but we will be able to take orders should we run out. We also plan on them going live on the website (www.absoluteaspects.com) on the Saturday for those who cannot make the exhibition with our normal lead times applying.
The Banner Repeater is an exciting addition to our extensive range and we are looking forward to its official launch where there will be a working model for demonstration. So please stop by and say hello at our stand, C79.
Owner/Model Maker

Lead Times:

Absolute Aspects is pleased to announce that after nearly 7 years of operation, we are now in a position to cut our production time in half from a maximum of 6 months to just 3 months!

All our signals will continue to be handmade in the U.K. to order, still featuring our famous high quality brass and white metal.


  Absolute Aspects can Provide:

- 2, 3 & 4 Aspect Signals

- Modern Multi Aspect Signals

- Position Lights

- Route Indicator (Theatre Box)

- Junction Indicators (Feathers)

- Signal Identification Plates

- Signal Post Telephones

- SPAD Indicators

- Original Style Ground Position Signals

- Modern Style Ground Position Signals

- Bespoke Gantries

- (NEW) Banner Repeaters

Real signals, made in miniature.

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